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PAT Testing

PAT Testing is important not only for the safety of your workers but also to ensure you meet legal requirements for insurance purposes

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We are experts in carrying out electrical maintenance and have worked with a variety of clients from both domestic and commercial backgrounds

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Periodic Tests

Our team are highly skilled and have developed their knowledge to spot any potential hazards or issues in a properties electrics

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Not matter your needs our knowledgeable electricians will be able to provide the perfect solution, from testing and maintenance to new installs


Are you looking for an IC TEST? If so, we provide an excellent testing service. IC is the initials for Integrated Circuits and are used within the area of micro-electronics.

Integrated Circuits are made up of many different components, such as transformers and inductors and capacitors. Due to the size of these circuits, most IC systems are much easier to work with. This is done by reducing the number of components that you will be using in your system. When you are doing an IC Test, there are many different paths you can take, including using a multimeter, which is a small device used to check the circuits to see if they are working correctly. If you are using Integrated Circuits with other components or systems, you will also need to test them as well. Another important aspect to keep in mind when doing an IC Test, is the power supply, to make sure you are not sending too much power and frying the circuit.

We offer a great price for our services and we make sure to follow strict industry guidelines when working with electronic circuits as safety is a big concern when working with electronics. We have many years of experience and have industry standard knowledge regarding electronic devices and Integrated Circuits.

If you are looking for an IC TEST, give us a call on 0800 085 9146 and a member of our staff will be happy to talk through your options and see what we can do for you.